Summer Task

For our summer task we had to think of a media project that you have always wanted to make. This could be a drama based short, a documentary, a radio play, a TV show or an idea you have had during your first year on the degree.


I’ve been researching documentary films, not specific directors but about specific events in history such as the Holocaust and Holodomor.

For those that remember my poetic eyes from last year, I did mine on Holodomor (a famine that happened in Ukraine during 1932-33). Thinking back to that project, my video could’ve gone on for about 4hours. There was so much I could’ve said & I could’ve gone into a lot more depth than I did. This is why I have decided my summer work will be to research, produce a pitch & a treatment on Holodomor. Some people might think there’s no point, it happened 80 years ago & still hasn’t been publicly acknowledged. The closest thing that I can sort of relate it to is the Hillsborough tragedy that happened 23years ago. The police covered their tracks and put out false statements, a lot like Stalin denied the famine & got actors to play happy Ukrainian peasants so the Western world wouldn’t find out.


I learnt about Holodomor at Ukrainian school & the Ukrainian Youth Association (СУМ) so I already have a good background knowledge about it. I have also been reading several books that have also helped me with my research. I’ve been watching various documentaries on YouTube about Holodmor, one in particular called “Holodmor. Ukraine, XX century”, but none of them have really ‘hit the mark’ for me. Partly because they were produced a few years after Ukraine finally got its independence so they’re old & the way they’re produced isn’t great. Also…in the documentary i’ve mentioned, I can’t stand the American voice over because he can’t say Ukrainian words.

YouTube: (this documentary is in several parts).
Books: “The Stalin Famine” by F. Pigido-Pravoberezhny
“Holodomor” edited by Lubomyr Y. Luciuk
“The Holodomor – An act of genocide against the Ukrainian people” by Vladyslav Verstiuk, Volodymyr Tylishchak & Ihor Yukhnovsky.

Audience: The majority of the target audience would be Ukrainians all over the globe but because of some of the images I would say that it would not be suitable for people under the age of 14. This documentary would also interest history students. I feel that more people my own age (mostly members of CYM) would rather watch something made by one of their own peers rather than having a lesson about Holodomor which they’d fall asleep to.

Logistics of productions: Reading this you would probably think that this was an impossible task to do without actually going to Ukraine…and you’re partly right. It would make more of an impact if it was filmed in Ukraine but sadly we will not have the time or money to travel to Ukraine within the first few weeks of university. I would suggest that, by using archive footage, photos & by talking to survivors that might have moved over to the UK after the second World War, it’ll still have an impact on the audience…but not the same impact as if was filmed in Ukraine.

Importance: As I said before, some people might think that this isn’t important or relevant. It is to me. I was told when I was in GCSE, when I spoke out and told my teacher and the rest of my class about Holodomor, that it wasn’t true. I did a presentation on it and I was still told that I was wrong. I showed my teacher a book called “The Foreign Office and the famine” which is a book of official British documents on Ukraine and the Famine of 1932-1933, which clearly shows that Britain knew about the famine…and then my teacher decided I was being rude and told me to get out of the class. So it may not be important to anyone else but its very important to me.



Hello! Welcome to my Year 2 Media Production blog. I am a student at Coventry University. On here I will be publishing all my work from my ideas to the final outcome to show my process & to explain how I got to the final outcome. On my previous blog I started a ‘Ukraine’ category this was because I wanted to share my views about what was going on in Ukraine. Believe me, it is not a dormant country, it is filled with corruption, poverty and freedom of speech isn’t great under the current government. This is why I will be continuing the category on this blog. With the elections coming up in Ukraine I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about. This year at University I plan on being more involved with doing things outside my course, such as source TV and the Film Society, which are two things strongly linked to media production but will give me the practice I need to become a media producer.

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