My name is Myroslava Terlecky. I am 20 years old. I study Media Production at Coventry University & am currently in my second year. I have taken a Formats module and a Short film module this year & our mandatory module is Cinematography.

Although I was born in England and have lived here my whole life I don’t see myself as English, I am Ukrainian. Some of my projects may well be about the current issues in Ukraine, for example, the language bill, the elections, corruption etc. I have done projects about Ukraine before because, for me, it is interesting & it is rather a unique topic. I started to writing about Ukraine in my year 1 blog and I will be continuing to do so on this blog. I will try to keep this category as up to date as I can but sometimes I will just do very short update posts. I decided to make this into a category instead of a separate blog or page because it is also a chance for people to look at my university work as well.

The views expressed and materials presented represent the personal views of the author and should not be taken to represent the opinions, policy, or views of the Department of Media, or of Coventry University, nor any of its employees or other students

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