Professional Experience Reflection

During the Professional Experience module it has given me the opportunity to further develop the skills that I already had, given me the confidence to do some of the things I would have never done before and given me the opportunity to pursue various different roles within the media industry. I have gone from operating a sound desk, shadowing a behind the scene crew at a theatre, working as a camera operator, working on my first paid corporate work, taking sports photographs, developing my photography skills in New York to taking the first steps in making a documentary about women’s football by interviewing US Olympic gold medallists. Of course, with all of these jobs I have gained a huge amount of valuable experience that will stay with me throughout my life. I have learnt to see myself as a professional instead of a student and I truly believe my work has improved since I have made that realisation.

One thing that I will always have to do in the future is be part of a team, whether that’s with one person or with 20+. I feel that my role within a team has changed dramatically. Before this module I would have sat in a group of people and not spoken out in fear of being shot down but now I have a new found confidence in, not only my work, but my creative ideas as well.

The progression of my work throughout this module really speaks for itself. At the beginning of the module I was shy and my work reflected this. I feel like my work used to be quite bland and a little boring but now, with all the experience I’ve had, working with and for the people I have done, I feel like my work has had a revamp and is some of the best work I’ve produced in years. There are some things that need to further develop though, one of which being the further improvement of my sports photography. This will happen with practise, research and asking for help where I need it from various photographers I know. I will continue to develop my camera skills by giving myself a chance and putting my name forward for camera on filming days. I know I will need to practise and this comes under equipment as well and it is partly why I bought the camera I bought. I now have a camera that can do full HD video recording so I can practise by making short films and practising in various conditions.

The Future:

There is no doubt in my mind that I want to be part of the coverage of women’s sporting events, especially football. I have come to this decision by taking photographs at matches, being part of the women’s football documentary and by talking to the players one on one on various teams. I will continue with the production of the women’s football documentary until completion. Between now and June I hope to be applying for a UEFA press accreditation and then in July I will travel to Sweden for the Women’s Euro 2013 tournament as part of the media. Before the summer I hope to start my own podcast about women’s football or get an internship with either WFPod or Boot Room Chat and help produce their podcasts. At the moment my sights are set high and I plan on continuing with covering women’s football in the UK as much as possible so that I will be able to archive what I want to in life. My ultimate goal is to arrive in Canada in the summer of 2015 for the Women’s World Cup as part of the media. My journey starts now.

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