Women’s Football – More Photos

While in New York, Katie and I travelled 4 and a half hours by coach to go to Washington DC. While we were in DC we saw the White House and then we went to a soccer match, which was the real reason I agreed to go to DC. In a previous post I spoke about the NWSL, well, we were in DC to see Washington Spirit vs. Sky Blue FC. This was another opportunity for me to take photos and even further develop my skills as a sports photographer. As kick off was at 7pm it would start to get dark and therefore I would need to pay very close attention to the changing environment and the settings on my camera so that the picture quality did not deplete.

As well as the game in DC, when I was back in the UK I went to the Emirates stadium to see Arsenal Ladies first WSL match against Liverpool Ladies. I again took photos but there were far fewer good quality photos and I’m not fully sure as to why. It was a night game but the floodlights around the stadium were on. This is something I will need to research so that my other photos won’t turn out the same. I know a handful of photographers in different fields so I will also ask them as to what they think the trouble was.

Here are my photos from the match in DC and the Emirates:

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