New York

In April I to travelled to New York with the university. I have set myself a task to practise and improve on my photography skills by producing a photography project. I have wanted to update my portfolio for years now and I feel that having photos taken in New York will show that I am internationally travelled and it will show a variation of what New York has to offer.

With my new Canon 650d I found it very easy to change the settings so I could take a technically sound photograph. Here are some of the photos I took while in New York:

For this project I focused on the composition of the photograph. In some cases I took over 60 photos on the same thing until I was happy with the outcome. I believe that I have improved my thought process behind a photo, meaning I think more about what should be in the photo long before I take it. In some cases I visualised the photo one or two days before I had the opportunity to take it because I was waiting for the perfect moment.

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