Sky Blue FC

Today was the day we travelled to New Jersey to film on of Sky Blue FC’s training sessions. It was a very long day, which started at 5:30am for me. We left the hostel at 7:30am so we would get to the training ground just as the team started training at 10am. There were 6 of us students and the Rebecca Pittam accompanied us as the driver. While the team started their session we started to set up the equipment and talking about where we will be positioned during the training session. The only restrictions we got from the head of operations, Mike, was to stay off the pitch. With 6 of us we had 4 cameras between us. While the session was going on I was taking photos using my Canon camera to help further develop my sports photography.

When the training session came to a close it was time to get the interviews. We were privileged enough to speak to Kelley O’Hara and Jill Loyden, both of whom were part of the US team that had won gold in last summer’s Olympics. We were also allowed to interview Christie Rampone who is captain of Sky Blue FC and the US Women’s National Team. Rampone, mother of two children, has won 3 Olympic gold medals and a World Cup. We also got to speak to Sky Blue’s Head Coach and ask him a few questions as well, in which he gave very diplomatic and interesting answers. The interviews didn’t last as long as I thought they would, we only had time to ask two questions to each person. With these limitations we were still able to get the footage and material we needed.

Now that we have filmed in New Jersey this counts for about 1/3 of the final piece. We are in talks with quite a major club in England as well as speaking to Coventry Sphinx, who at the moment are being forced out of the Sphinx name by the owner of the club for reasons unknown. We will also be talking to younger teams to get the answers from the grassroots.

Although we will not finish this project before the end of the professional experience module we will continue it until it is complete. The filming of other segments and the editing process will be a long task but I am looking forward to this journey as a media professional.

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