Women’s Football Photos

While Katie and I were still planning the documentary we thought it was NOW that we needed to start bringing in the follower and the support. We set up a tumblr site: www.halftimemedia.tumblr.com

We decided on a tumblr because:

–       It was free

–       Its user friendly

–       There is already a large following of women’s football fans on there

We decided that it would be beneficial to take photos at matches. I have attended 5 matches where I’ve taken photos. Some have been taken on my Pentax km and some on my new Canon 650d. The difference in quality in the photo you can tell that the difference in camera was a factor. I have also improved my sports photography skills by practising and going to so many matches and taking photos. We knew that taking photos will bring in some hype around our tumblr so we posted a few from an Arsenal Ladies match we attended. Soon enough I was asked to take photos for my club in the League Cup Final. The photos were taken today and I have edited them and posted them on my flickr and I leave for New York in a few hours, I needed to get them sorted before leaving.

Here are some photos I took at an Arsenal game compared to the ones I took today at the League Cup Final:

With different weather conditions at each game I used the mentality of ‘quality not quantity’.  I spent a lot more time making sure the settings were correct before taking a photo. This is because it is a lot more difficult to change a photo in post if the settings are wrong e.g. if the photo is very dark & you try to change the exposure, the photo will then become grainy and unusable. Taking photos at various matches has improved my sports photography ten-fold and I have been asked to take photos at more Coventry Sphinx matches so they can display the photos on their website.


My best photos from the League Cup Final: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moshterlecky/sets/72157633298001572/

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