Women’s football – Planning

Planning the documentary was taking full effect and we were getting in contact with many clubs in the UK and the US as well. Sadly the response from the UK teams wasn’t what we were expecting. We thought that they would be happy to help because they need as much advertisement of the FA WSL and their individual teams as well but most of the responses were a polite ‘no but good luck’. There was a new professional league starting in America called the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) because the previous league, WPS, had folded the previous year due to lack of funding after a major sponsor pulled out. The NWSL is to have 8 teams: Sky Blue FC, Boston Breakers, WNY Flash, FC Kansas City, Chicago Red Stars, Washington Spirit, Portland Thorns and Seattle Reign.

We were travelling to New York in April and thought that it would really improve the interest of the documentary if we were to have one of these teams involved. Katie got in contact with the closest team to New York, which was Sky Blue FC. They emailed her back a few days later saying that they would be more than happy to help with anything we needed. This was our first response that had said yes so we were extremely happy! We were then in constant contact with Sky Blue FC, telling them all about the documentary and explaining what we would like Sky Blue to contribute with and which players would the best to interview. We asked if it would be possible to attend a training session so we were able to get footage of the players training and if we were able to talk to their US allocated players as well as the head coach. I was actually expecting them to limit us as to what we were allowed to film or who we were allowed to talk to but to my surprise they said yes to all.

There is only one documentary, at the moment, that has US players involved in it. This documentary is called Dare to Dream. It is about 5 players in particular and their journey from the 80’s when they first joined the US women’s national team, through their World Cup win in 1991 & 1999 and finally to the start of the women’s first league, the WUSA. For us to make something that was 1/20th as good and informing as this documentary was I would see that as a massive achievement.

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