Giving Time and Solutions LTD – Editing

I’m not the best editor so I saw this as a challenge in itself. The edit was difficult. Tripta wanted to have a world in the video and when she talks about all the countries that are involved with Green IT she wanted those countries to be plotted on the world. This was the most difficult part of them edit and because it was the most difficult I was not able to include it in my rough cut because didn’t suit whaScreen Shot 2013-05-14 at 20.28.43t the video was about. The other reason that I couldn’t include it was because the rough cut had to be finished by a certain time and with the time constraint I didn’t have time to plot the points on the world.

Editing is something that I don’t do never often. There have been some videos that I have edited that I’m really proud of and some that I’m less proud of. Editing this promotional video was really pushing my skills. My main aim was to make the main words appear as Tripta was saying them. I managed to do this but not for everything she was saying but when she was listing things I was able to get the main buzz words. With only a few hours to edit, I knew it was a rough cut and it didn’t have to be perfect. The time constraint was definitely something new. With university project we have a deadline but not something like this. It really stressed me out and I realised that this is what it would be like in the ‘real world’. This edit was definitely a challenge and if I’m honest, I don’t think my rough cut was to my full potential and I was disappointed with it.

Here is my rough cut of the promotional video:

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