Giving Time and Solutions LTD

After Scotland I saw the advantage of working in smaller groups so when Luke contacted me about making a promotional video for Giving Time and Solutions LTD I wanted to work on it as part of my Media Production project. When Tripta decided to use our services, I said yes straight away. This was different; we were now working for an actual company instead.

We met with Tripta Prashar, Managing Director of Giving Time and Solutions LTD, to get to know her a little better, to ask her what she expected from us and to understand what she wanted to get out of this experience. Tripta set up the initial meeting with us, we spoke for a good few hours and we realised she was a down to earth, organised, happy and helpful person in general. She wanted us to capture all of this and more within the video, with special emphasis about her company and what she can offer people. We also discussed when we would film the video and when we will get it edited for her and also how involved she can be in the editing process. This project was very different from any other that I have ever worked on. For starters we had to apply for this position in that we would be providing a service and working with Giving Time and Solutions LTD, and we were getting paid. The second thing that was different was because Tripta was a one-woman company she wanted to use a venue which had all the facilities to produce the high-quality professional video she wanted, so we had to find a location suitable for the promotional video. Thankfully we were able to use the University’s photography studio.

We had two ?half day? filming days; this was because it was Tripta’s first experience of talking into a camera in a professional environment and she wanted to have a test recording, so we had to spend a day practising before recording the real video. We recorded the practise day so she could see how she was moving and we could give her detailed feedback about how she should present herself. This was a

nother thing that I have never done before, as I am not the one who normally gives out the direction. It was different but it was a learning curb because I understood how to give direction in a way that’s helpful to the client.

On filming day we set up the studio within 15 minutes and we were ready to go. Unfortunately, the camera we had booked out of the media loan shop in the Ellen Terry building had not been returned yet so we waited for it to be returned. We waited for half an hour before going back to the loan shop and asking where the camera was. The people at the loan shop advised us to book a different camera out while we were waiting for our one to be returned. We booked out a different camera and we had a final word with Tripta about her script. This was to see if we could cut bits out that were maybe not as relevant as some other things. After every 2 takes we were reviewing the footage on Luke’s mac. Each time we did this we were giving her feedback as to what she might want to change or on what didn’t sound right. After the 5th take we felt like we had cracked it.



During the project we gave Tripta a lot of direction as well as helping to finalise her script. Both which I have never done myself on a project in a professional environment. This is the project that really helped me to act as a professional, being in constant contact with the client and giving them constructive feedback on how the video could be better. During this project I learnt a lot about how to deal with a client, keep them happy, to give direction and help edit a script as well as give detailed feedback to maximise the potential of the project.

I also learnt the importance of having a test shoot before the actual day of filming, not just because Tripta did not have experience in front of the camera in a professional environment but also because it gave us a chance to finalise her script, practise setting up the studio and for Tripta to practise her presence in front of camera. I’ve also realised not to rely on other people to bring back equipment on time. This is the reason why I will be buying my own camera. Even after we had finished and were leaving Ellen Terry the person still hadn’t returned the camera.

Now onto the editing process!

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